"So thankful for this product!!! If I had it sooner my sink wouldn't have a chip in it, but now at least it looks great! I wish I had these when my babies were small! They would be PERFECT for protecting their heads during a bath! Would make a great baby or wedding shower gift too!!! Can't say enough about how much I love it!" - Erin B. 


"My wife loves it."-  Tim P. 


...I was very impressed by the elegance and simplicity of the packaging as well as by the material and molding quality of the product. You clearly gave a lot of thought to the details and found some really good manufacturing partners.
My wife and I used and evaluated the Sinkshawl over the last few days. It clearly does a great job doing what it's supposed to: protecting the sink edges from dings and scratches, and fragile dishes from shattering accidents. We did find that with the sinkshawl in place, we had to be extra careful not to place glasses half way on the sinkshawl, since it's thickness would cause glasses to topple over. This almost happened several times. Also, while doing the dishes, the bottom of my forearms occasionally caught on the sinkshawl, tugging painfully on the arm hair. I suppose this isn't an issue for most women, but it caused me a rather shocking pinch the couple of times that it happened. 
I think that we'd be likely to use and appreciate the sinkshawl if we had a double sink and could wrap it around the middle separator... - Yair R.  


I wish I had had this when we remodeled and I could have been using it all along. My granite edge around the sink is full of little chips. It just looks old now, and it's not old at all! - JJ